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Restore Orthobiologics is a dedicated orthopaedic and interventional pain center for the treatment of arthritic joint, disc disease and orthopaedic injuries using patient-derived adult stem cells and blood platelet procedures. The center was developed by an orthopedist, interventional pain specialist, and perfusionist to offer the most modern technology and techniques in the emerging field of regenerative medicine. 

Over 25,000

Since 2001, our group collectively has been part of over 25,000 biologic procedures.

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Why we are different

We have the combined experience of over 25,000 biological procedures and 17 years to be able to provide joint preservation and restoration procedures at a more cost-effective price point. Through innovation, efficiency and cost-saving measures, we have been able to maintain the highest level of quality and outcomes for our patients.
We have multiple treatment locations to serve the needs of the patient. The procedures can be performed in either an office-based, ambulatory surgical center or hospital operating room setting. Location is based on needs and safety of the patient and complexity of the procedure.
We are one of the first groups to combine all the disciplines of regenerative medicine under one roof. Our orthopaedics, interventional pain specialists and orthopaedic profusionists combine to provide a comprehensive and balanced approach in the field of joint preservation and restoration.