Competitive Pricing.

What are the options?
The pricing of biologic procedures, bone marrow concentration (BMC) and platelet rich plasma (PRP) are confusing to the consumer, since little information has been made public. Much of it is shrouded in secrecy until you see a physician. Currently, all BMC and PRP procedures are not covered by any insurance plans. The patient must pay out of pocket, which many have found to be very expensive.

How is the price calculated?

Concentrating Kit
The PRP and BMAC cost varies depending on the manufacturer. 
Typically in-office procedures carry no additional charge since the facility is owned by the treating physician.
If the procedure is done without surgery the OR has to be leased. If the procedure is done with surgery – typically there is no additonal charge.
Operating Room
There is no additional charge for the facility since the procedure is done in conjunction with a surgery.
Physician Fee
This fee varies depending on where you are located. Our current pricing is very competitive. We have been able to lower our costs by experience and innovation.